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Damage found after delivery (hidden damage)

Goods are only released upon production of a receipt. The recipient must examine the goods and confirm through signature that the number of shipment items and their visible condition corresponds to the specification in the shipment manifest/transport document. From time to time, a situation may arise in which damage is only found once the goods have been unpacked and the delivery driver has left.

Chapter 40, paragraph 1 of the Norwegian Road Forwarding Agreements Act states the following:

In the case of inland forwarding, the party demanding compensation for partial loss or damage that has affected the goods or otherwise delayed their delivery shall notify the carrier without unreasonable delay. If this is not done, said party may only make a claim if the carrier can be shown to have acted with intent or deemed to have been grossly negligent in their duty of care.

Damage found after delivery is to be dealt with taking into account both recipient and carrier. It is assumed that the damage to the goods probably occurred during the period between collection and delivery. Furthermore, it is also assumed that the goods were packed and/or inspected by the sender in Norway, and that they have not been exposed to internal movement/storage/subsequently transported to an end user, and were packaged in such a way that the goods would be able to withstand normal transport stresses.

Damaged goods must be kept in the condition in which they arrive until such time as the compensation claim is settled.

Notification of hidden damage

The goods recipient must notify PostNord of damage within 4 hours of delivery, calculated according to normal office hours. If goods were delivered at 1 pm, the deadline for reporting damage would be 9 am the following working day. Notification can be given either via telephone on +47 (0)9300 or by e-mail to, quoting the shipment number. In the event of damage to goods where the terms of the purchase agreement state that the sender is liable for the goods whilst in transit, the recipient shall inform the sender that PostNord has been notified of the damage and that the sender is now responsible for claiming compensation.

If the damage is only of a "minor nature" and the goods can be used, the recipient may claim compensation in the form of a monetary sum.

PostNord reserves the right to inspect the goods.

Claiming compensation

Compensation claims must be sent by e-mail to or by post to PostNord, SRA, Postboks 6441 Etterstad, NO-0605 Oslo. Claims must be accompanied by photographic evidence showing the damaged goods and their packaging. In addition, a brief "goods receipt report" must also be included, along with a description of the nature/scope of the damage and details of the type of good in question.

Compensation claims must include a monetary figure, documented with a copy of the invoice issued between seller and purchaser (trade invoice). An account number must be quoted.
Once received by PostNord, the compensation claim will be dealt with in accordance with the regulations set out in the Norwegian Road Forwarding Agreements Act. Where compensation is paid in full, PostNord​ may demand that the good for which compensation has been given be released.