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Here you can find the answers to our FAQs.

Receiving goods

Find the location of your shipment by entering your shipment number, reference or parcel ID into our tracking service.

You can also find information on your shipment and expected delivery time via our tracking app.
Download the app here

You need to arrange home delivery when you receive a text message/email informing you that the item is ready to be delivered. This service allows you to choose a period during the day or in the evening that is most convenient for you.

Home delivery is agreed with the sender at the time of ordering/purchasing the goods. Online stores often offer this option.

Unfortunately, we are not able to home-deliver goods scheduled to be driven to stores since this has been stipulated in our contract with your sender. Contact your sender to find out if you can get goods delivered to your door.

Yes, parcels can be collected from one of our package collection points.

When you place your order, the online store or your supplier will provide you with the details of your nearest pick-up point.

See our list of package collection points.

If you want to return any goods you have received, this must be done at the same pick-up point you collected the goods from. Returns are made by agreement with your sender.

Read more about how to return goods.

Damage discovered on delivery

If you discover that your shipment is damaged, you must register this with the driver who delivered the shipment.

The driver will take a photograph of the damage and register it on his/her hand terminal (or on the dispatch note).

Afterwards, call customer services on 09300 or contact us via the web contact form.

Do not remove the packaging or start using any received item/s before the issue has been cleared up.

Damage discovered after delivery

If you discover damage after you have removed the goods from their packaging and the driver has left, you must report this to us.

Report the damage within four hours after delivery, calculated within normal working hours.

If the goods were delivered at 1 pm or later, the deadline for reporting damage is 9 am the next working day.

Call us on 09300 or submit a web enquiry.

PostNord reserves the right to examine the goods where necessary.

Sending goods​

Anyone can send goods weighing up to 20 kg with PostNord. This is done as follows:

  • Purchase carriage online
  • Pack your shipment carefully
  • Fill out the address label
  • Tape the address label to the parcel (attach it securely)
  • Hand in the parcel at your nearest collection point

Read more about PostNord MyPack Go.

You can calculate the transport time for your shipment here: Calculate transport time

If you have a shipment number or a parcel ID for a shipment that is en route, you can track your shipment here: Track shipment.

You can also find out expected delivery times via our tracking app.
Download the app here

Sending a parcel that weighs up to 10 kg costs NOK 139.

Sending a parcel weighing between 10 and 20 kg costs NOK 259.

Send parcels with PostNord

You can keep track of a parcel you have sent with our tracking service.
Track shipment

You can also monitor the progress of your shipment using our tracking app.
Download the app here

Returning goods

If there is a returns label in the parcel, use this and hand in the package at the same place you collected it from.

If there is no returns label, contact the sender of the package.

Please note: You must return the parcel to the same place you collected it from. It is not possible to return the parcel to any store other than the one you originally collected the parcel from.

Contact the sender of the item to find out how you should go about returning it.

You may be able to order collection of the item/s to be returned right here on our web pages. However, this must be agreed in advance with the sender of the item/s.

Have you and the sender reached an agreement on returning an order?
Order collection here

Always contact the international sender of the items to agree on how you should go about returning the items to the country of origin.

You can order international returns online. You can do this when you have already reached an agreement regarding returning an item.

Have you made such an agreement?
Order collection here

Remember that, due to customs clearance, the commercial invoice/purchase receipt must be included as documentation when you return items overseas.

Still haven’t found the answer to your question?

Contact customer service​