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Pack and wrap securely

Pack and wrap your parcel just as carefully as you would if you were sending your luggage with a plane.

Remember that your parcel needs to be able to withstand processing at a sorting facility at one of our terminals. We do not want the contents of your parcel to be damaged in transit.

The best thing to do is to send your items in sturdy cartons/boxes so that contents are securely contained. Make sure that the items will not be able to roll around in the box in which they are going to be sent. Also, ensure that there is no risk of the parcel opening during transit.

We cannot assist with sending bicycles, baby buggies or skis unless they are flat-packed in cardboard boxes and adhere to all other product conditions. This is due to the fact that such items are especially susceptible to damage.

In addition, we do not accept dangerous items such as: explosive materials and objects, toxic gases/materials or radioactive materials.