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Tracking app for mobile phones

PostNord Sporingsapplikasjon

With the PostNord app you can easily track any parcels that are on their way to you.

About the app

You can track parcels that have been sent to you with PostNord. You will be able to see the most recent status of the shipment and when your parcel is expected to be delivered.

If you submit your mobile number and/or e-mail address when you purchase items, information about your parcel will automatically be downloaded to the app. If you need to collect your parcel from one of our pick-up points, you will receive directions and information on opening times. You will also get help with keeping your returns in order and be given the option of receiving a reminder to check that you have been refunded.

Frequently asked questions:

How do I add a parcel in the app?

For iPhone, use the plus sign (+) in the upper right-hand corner, and for Android, use the plus sign in the lower right-hand corner. If the sender has provided your mobile number or e-mail address, your parcel will be automatically added to the app.

What is a shipment number?

A shipment number is a serial number that identifies your parcel. You get it from the sender of your parcel. The shipment number is also sometimes called the "item number", "item ID" or "tracking number".

How do I delete a parcel?

In the overview showing all your parcels, you can drag to the left and delete parcels.

How does the notification function work when I'm near a package collection point where there is a parcel for me?

The app can send you a reminder when you are near a package collection point where there is a package for you awaiting collection. When this functionality is activated, the app saves the coordinates of the current package collection point and simultaneously asks the phone to issue a notification when it finds itself in the vicinity of these coordinates. PostNord does not as a result receive any information on your whereabouts.

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Now everyone can send parcels with PostNord

Did you know that you can now send parcels with PostNord as a personal customer? Purchase carriage online, print out labels and send parcels from store to store.

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