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IT Integration

Here we have gathered together all documentation on our integration with your online services.

Nordic region integration services

On you can find information on all our Nordic integration services. Here you will find all the documentation you need to integrate tracking, transport time calculation or overviews of pick-up points for your services.

Norwegian integration services

In addition to the Nordic integration services, certain services apply specifically within Norway. For integration with these services, send an email to, along with your customer number, to register with us.

Package collection points in Norway

To integrate our package collection points (in relation to PostNord MyPack Collect) with your systems, there are a number of methods you can choose from. Here you will find information on the various methods and required documentation: Package collection points.

Calculation of prices – domestic

XML-based price enquiry allows the option of advance pricing on carriage given the following conditions:

PostNord will issue invoices based on the actual transport costs of the consignment in accordance with the agreement.

Calculation of prices is only available for domestic shipments.

This service exists in two versions. Both versions return a subset of TransportXML.

  1. In version 1, the product is provided on the basis of consignment's weight and volume.
  2. In version 2, the product is provided on the basis of the actual dimensions of packages and is best suited to, for example, long-length items.

Calculation of prices (domestic)

Tracking service (domestic)

For integration with our tracking service within Norway, you will need the documentation below. You can find more information on widgets and web services here.

Norwegian tracking service

Norwegian tracking service (HTML)