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How To Submit a Compensation Claim

Usually, it is the sender who submits a compensation claim to us. Below you can read a description of how this is done.

The compensation claim must contain the following information:

  • The compensation amount excluding VAT*
  • A copy of the commercial invoice
  • The shipment number
  • The date of receipt of the shipment
  • The number of parcels that are damaged or missing
  • Weight per parcel
  • A description of the damage, preferably accompanied by photographs
  • Whether repair or rectification is possible
  • In the event of total loss: Information regarding where the goods are located

*Excluding VAT where the party submitting the claim for compensation is VAT-registered.

Since our liability as a carrier is limited pursuant to the Road Freight Agreements Act, you should consider submitting your claim for compensation to your own insurance company. Your insurance company will then assume the right of recourse from us.

Send a compensation claim:

Web: MyPage (login) or via our contact form


Ordinary mail: PostNord, attn: Sentral Reklamasjonsavdeling
PO Box 6441, Etterstad
0605 Oslo

Compensation claim regarding goods to/from another country

If you have received goods from abroad, you need to submit a complaint to the sender.

In the event of damage to or shortfall of goods from abroad sent via DPD, the compensation claim must be submitted to us.

In the event of damage to or shortfall of goods from abroad via another forwarding agent, the compensation claim must be submitted directly to that forwarding agent.