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Delivery service for businesses


FlexChange helps customers decide how and when their parcels will be delivered. It is a smart, simple and flexible system for the customer.

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Benefits with FlexChange
  • Smart – customers can use the PostNord app or the internet service to decide how and when the parcel will be delivered.
  • Simple – it is easy to make the different choices via the PostNord app or the internet service.
  • Flexible – customers can easily change the selected option(s) via the PostNord app or the internet service.
  • Freedom to choose – FlexChange features a variety of delivery options. Choose the ones that suit you best.
Give your customer the greatest possible freedom of choice

Customers want to be able to choose how they have their parcels delivered. It makes life much easier for them. With our FlexChange service, you make things easier for your customers.

How FlexChange works

When the parcel has arrived at the delivery location, customers receive a text message or an email containing a link to the PostNord internet service. They can then use the internet service to alter the suggested delivery time (MyPack Home). And by selecting home delivery, they can choose to have the parcel left in a designated place if no one is home. Once the choice has been made, customers receive a confirmation of the delivery options they have selected. When a parcel is sent to a delivery location (MyPack Collect), customers can choose either to have it delivered to their home address, or to pick it up from a delivery location of their choice.

Customers can also use the internet service to change the time of a booked delivery quickly and easily. Flexible for you, simple for your customer!

Other FlexChange options that make life easier for you and for your customers:

FlexChange – from the delivery location to the home
It sometimes makes things a lot easier not to have to pick up a parcel from a given delivery location. For an additional fee, customers can simply alter the delivery booked and choose to have the parcel brought to their home instead.

FlexChange – switch to a different delivery location
Sometimes, it is more convenient to pick the parcel up from a different place. For an additional fee, customers can easily update the delivery booked and choose to have the parcel sent to a delivery location that is more convenient for them.

FlexChange – delivery even when you are not home
Is your customer not home? He/she can choose to have the parcel delivered anyway, even though no one is home to accept delivery. The parcel will then be left outside the door. There are some exceptions, however, depending on the customer’s preferences and/or the contents of the consignment.

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