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Dashboard is a service that gives you complete control over your shipments. Dashboard provides you with daily status updates on all deliveries while giving you an overview of events and any possible delays. Below is an explanation of all the elements displayed in Dashboard.

Shipments scheduled for delivery today

The status of all shipments scheduled for delivery today are shown here. There is an option here to see an overview of shipments that have been loaded onto vehicles, undelivered shipments and shipments that have been delivered. In addition, you will be able to track the most recent status, receive notifications of any change to the status of shipments and create an enquiry for customer services.

Shipments sent yesterday

You can get a summary of yesterday's shipments viewed by: product, weight per product, parcels per product, number of shipments, number of parcels and total carriage calculation weight.

Undelivered shipments

Here you can see a summary of all the shipments that have not been delivered to the recipient and all private deliveries that have not been collected from a pick-up point during the preceding ten days. This is displayed by shipment level to produce a simple overview.

Damaged shipments

Any damaged shipments or damaged packaging that has been registered in our system during the preceding ten days will be shown here.

Collection request

All bookings made on our web pages and their associated statuses are shown here. This provides a quick, informative overview and is especially well suited for expediting returns to your own warehouse.

Web enquiries

Here you can see an overview of all enquiries directed to our customer service centre via the Web Enquiries service (requires My Page login). The service provides an overview of the progress of the case as well as notification once the issue has been resolved and concluded.

In addition, PostNord's operational messages for the last few days are displayed. This provides a simple overview in the event of any potential service disruptions.