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Advice for how best to pack in order to protect your goods

Tips and advice about how to pack the goods you want to send by parcel in the best and safest way possible are available here.

To ensure that the items you send arrive without having been damaged, it is important that you pack your consignment properly. All parcels are processed using machines, transported by vehicle and loaded together with other goods of various sizes, shapes and weights. We therefore recommend that you pack parcels really well, so that they can withstand shocks, vibrations and pressure.

Protect your goods in the best possible way

As the sender, you are responsible for packing your consignments correctly. Here we provide our top tips regarding how to pack your parcels safely:

  • Pack the items in something soft, to dampen shocks. Put them in hard cardboard, to protect them from being squeezed. Protect protruding parts and take into account the item's fragility, weight and shape.
  • If you send several items in the same box, it is important that each of them is properly packed in separate packaging, so that they do not damage each other. They may need to be separated by partitions.
  • Fill your parcel with cushioning material, so that it does not become compressed if it ends up under heavier goods.
  • Attach small and heavy objects to larger sheets, so that they can be fixed in the box and do not damage the box from the inside.
  • Add extra information such as 'This side up' directly on the parcel if possible, so that it can be clearly read by the person handling the shipment.
  • Lock all objects that have adjustable joints or wheels in a suitable way so that the product does not change position during transport.
  • You can put a business card or a copy of the address label in the box. This makes it easier for us if the address label comes loose during transportation.
  • Check that the packaging is not damaged when the goods are handed in to us, as the contents can damage other goods, staff or machinery. Compensation is not provided by PostNord Logistics for damaged packaging.