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About us


Our business is built on transports, and we work on a continuous basis to reduce our impact on the environment. We are actively involved in the community in which we operate, and therefore support selected areas in sports and culture.

Environmentally correct

We will contribute to a better environment through efficient transport and logistics services. It is our mission to play a part in meeting all of society's goods transportation needs while continually reducing our environmental impact. At PostNord, work is ongoing to systematically reduce energy consumption and emissions and conduct frequent measurements.

The Group's long-term goal involves reduction of carbon dioxide emissions by 40% by 2020, compared to 2009 levels. We will achieve this by optimising routes and load factors and investing in more fuel-efficient vehicles, increasing the proportion of electric vehicles and of biofuel in diesel.

How we're taking responsibility:

  • Electric cars comprise 28% of our vehicle fleet
  • Emissions are down 36% since 2009
  • Increased goods transport by rail
  • Increasing use of renewable energy
  • Reducing energy consumption during transport and on premises
  • Supporting new environmental technologies that produce more efficient logistics
  • Close collaboration on sustainable growth in our sector
  • Fill vehicles to capacity and optimise drivers' route networks
  • Safe and environmentally friendly driving style

PostNord is certified to ISO 14001: Certification NS-EN ISO 14001:2015

Summary of your environmental impact

We make precise information on environmental impacts accessible to our customers via a calculator that displays your environmental accounts.

Your environmental accounts show emissions according to:

  • the weight of the shipment and other cargo transported together with the shipment,
  • the type of vehicle used to transport the shipment (max payload and EU standard), and
  • the route driven from postcode to postcode and associated topography.

With the calculator, you can simulate alternatives to see the effect on emissions when the collection frequency is reduced/increased and the mode of transportation changed. You can also predict the emissions for a shipment taking a new route.

High Quality Standards

High quality standards for delivery are important to us because they're important to you. In highly competitive sectors, logistics solutions are critical to the health of the business; fast and precise delivery contributes to keeping customers happy and lays the groundwork for repeat purchasing.

PostNord is quality certified to ISO 9001: Certification NS-EN ISO 9001:2015

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Our sponsorships

PostNord is the proud sponsor of the PostNord Football League and the NRK Telethon.

PostNord Football League

PostNord Football League

As one of the Football Association of Norway's sposnors, we have lent our name to the second division.

NRK Telethon

NRK Telethon

PostNord is the proud logistics partner of the NRK Telethon, the proceeds of which will go to CARE Norway this year.