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2023-05-26 14:51

Price adjustment 1. July 2023

We are operating in a challenging market with increased pressure on price and costs. The transportation industry was greatly impacted by record high cost increases on raw materials and product, which increase the cost of capital significantly. During the first quarter of 2023 the upward trend in cost of capital continues, now driven by the higher interest rates and the low currency valuation of the Norwegian krona.

It is expected that the increasing cost trend remains strong during autumn. This will result in further price increases from contractors, as well as elevate costs in areas such as material investments, fees and wages.

Due to these reasons, PostNord AS is increasing the prices for all products by 6,2 % the 1. July.

To simplify price tariffs by lower the road- and railway fees from 9,9 % to 2,9 % from 1. July. Our freight rates will increase equivalently.

Please contact you contact person at PostNord for further information.