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2022-10-28 16:08

Price adjustment – 1 December 2022

PostNord regrets to announce a further adjustment in its prices with effect from 1 December 2022. The adjustment is due to changes in the cost of products and services, as well as higher interest rates, which reduce our subcontractors’ investment potential.

The continued effects of high fuel costs and wage rises agreed this autumn have also contributed to the need to adjust our prices.

Sharp rise in prices for parts and higher interest rates

Since August, prices have continued to rise at a speed that has surprised many. The transport sector has been badly affected by this, both with respect to new vehicles and parts. Many hauliers have financed their vehicle fleet through borrowed funds, so the sharp rise in interest rates is hitting them hard. Further interest-rate rises are also forecast, which will further worsen the situation and increase the pressure on the market.

Driver shortage continues

The shortage of drivers that the market has experienced since February is continuing. The availability of foreign drivers is low, at the same time as the Norwegian labour market is tight. Low unemployment and a record-high number of jobs vacant reduce opportunities to recruit new drivers in Norway. This market situation results in little flexible capacity, which in turn makes wage negotiations tougher.

The driver shortage is a major concern for our suppliers, and our offices nationwide are being notified of price rises from subcontractors. PostNord’s efforts to build up its own capacity, both in terms of vehicles and drivers, are well underway. Hopefully, the effects of this will become evident further down the line. It will not reduce costs, but will increase our delivery reliability.

Cutting costs is not enough

PostNord has been implementing a cost-cutting programme since the start of the year. This has been further intensified during the autumn. Unfortunately, our own measures have not been sufficient to compensate for the situation we are now in. We have therefore found it necessary to implement a further price increase with effect from 1 December 2022.

Group Price adjustment 
MyPack Collect +4,5 %
Partload / Linehaul  +8,7 %
Other services  +4,5 %

Please contact your PostNord account manager if you have any questions relating to the price adjustment.