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Shipments sent using Consignment get a local appearance, which is an advantage when you want to reach a lot of customers abroad.
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A flexible solution if you want to send letters and direct mailings to many people abroad

Do you often send a lot of letters and direct mailings abroad? Then our Consignment service is what you need.

Benefits with Consignment

The recipient receives a letter with a local appearance in terms of postage, sender address and reply envelope.

You control your campaigns from the sender country, but the shipments look national in the recipient country.

Consignment is a flexible and cost-efficient transport and distribution solution for letters and direct mailings sent from one sender to several recipients abroad.

When you send shipments using Consignment, they are dealt with as domestic letters in the recipient country. This gives the shipments a local appearance, which may be an advantage if you want recipients to get the feeling that they are shopping with a local company.Also, you avoid spending time and money on understanding the services that other postal companies in the country in question provide. Returns can also be handled locally.

Adapting shipments to a local appearance may entail the shipment having

  • a local sender address
  • local postage
  • local reply envelope
  • local returns address.


If you do not have an existing address database for the country to which you want to send advertising, PostNord can help you. We have extensive experience of the Nordic DM market, and we can make target audience analyses or generate addresses for your new customers based on your specific selection criteria.

Recipient countries

You can send by Consignment to Denmark, Finland, Sweden and the Åland Islands.


Shipments sent by Consignment can contain

  • letters and goods up to 2 kg
  • addressed and unaddressed direct mailings
  • value-added services such as local address (PO box), business reply service, returns, etc.


Send Consignment

You are welcome to contact us for more information on how you send by Consignment.

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