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International Mail

Send letters and other light consignments weighing up to 2 kg to recipients worldwide.
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A great choice if you need to send a lot of letters to international recipients

International Mail can be used for consignments weighing up to 2 kg, for shipment anywhere in the world. We deliver the consignments directly to the recipient’s mailbox, and they can be sent to a business or an individual.

Benefits with International Mail


We collect the consignments from you and deliver them directly to the recipient


You can send consignments using first class or second class mail, and send items to businesses and individuals


We deliver within Norway, the Nordic region and the rest of Europe

How do I send International mail?

To send International mail, you need to have a customer agreement with PostNord AS. You order the transport and print the shipping documents using your transport administration system, which is free of charge for service agreement customers. We collect your consignment in accordance with your agreement. You can also choose to hand in your consignment yourself, at one of our terminals. Then we add the postage label and return address for you and send the consignment to the recipient, who receives the mail in their mailbox.

Sending large volumes

In the case of large volumes, the postage labels must be applied before consignments are handed in. We will coordinate this with you, the customer. Letters are to be sorted into first class and second class mail when they are delivered to us. To enable faster processing, it is recommended to also sort consignments by country.

How long do letters take to arrive?

Delivery times vary depending on the country. Here you can see how long deliveries take to each individual country. The delivery time is up to 3 days to the Nordic countries, up to 14 days to the rest of Europe and up to 18 days to the rest of the world.

How much does it cost?

The price is calculated based on the number of items and the total weight, and is dependent on the country to which the consignment is to be sent. You are welcome to contact Customer Service for a quote.

Dimensions and weight


Length, max. 24.5 cm
Width, max. 16.5
Thickness, max. 0.5 cm
Weight, max. 100 g


Length, max. 38.1 cm
Width, max. 30.5 cm
Thickness, max. 2 cm
Weight, max. 0.5 kg

Extra large

Length, max. 60 cm
Total size, combinatino of length, width and thickness 90 cm
Weight, max. 2 kg

How should the consignment be marked?

State the identity of the sender clearly, using a name or logo. We add the postage label and return address for you.

Can I send whatever I want?

You can basically send anything, but there are some restrictions:

  • The content cannot be something of value, such as gold, silver, coins and banknotes
  • You may not send anything classified as dangerous goods, such as explosives or flammable goods

More information about what you are not permitted to send using PostNord International mail.

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