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MyPack Home Small

Send low value parcels weighing up to 5 kg, with delivery to the recipient’s mailbox or door mat.
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Send small parcels simply and easily using MyPack Home Small

With MyPack Home Small, customers get the parcel delivered directly to their mailbox or door mat.

Benefits with MyPack Home Small

Send small parcels simply and easily.

The parcels are delivered directly to the customer’s mailbox or door mat.

The recipient receives a notification once the parcel has arrived.

The parcel can be tracked the entire way to the destination.

Regardless of whether you run an online store or just want to send smaller parcels now and then, this is the service for you. Recipients receive a notification via SMS, email or the PostNord app when a parcel has been delivered to their mailbox or onto their door mat. Parcels can also be traced all the way to their final destination. Straightforward for you and simple for your customers.

MyPack Home Small can be used for small parcels with a low value weighing up to 5 kg. If the parcel does not fit into the recipient’s mailbox, it will be hung in a bag on a hook on the mailbox.

Dimensions and weight

Max. weight 5 kg
Min. weight 50 gr
Max. dimensions Length 45 cm, width 30 cm, height 20 cm
Min. dimensions Length 14 cm, width 9 cm, height 1 cm
Sum of the sides Can not be more than 90 cm

MyPack Home Small consignments can be sent using your local transport administration system (TA system), which can easily be linked to PostNord’s B2C API.

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Prices and terms

Here you find our price list and information about our service terms. If you wish an individual estimate of the cost of your shipments, you can contact us here.


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