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PostNord Project

With our specially designed vehicles, we can transport everything, regardless of whether it is big, bulky or fragile.
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Timber goods, cranes or other large, bulky or fragile goods – we transport everything possible and impossible

Do you want to customize your transports to suit your specific needs? No problem. We solve your challenges no matter what, where, or when you want to transport your goods.

Benefits with PostNord Project


We have long-standing experience of shipping goods that require special transportation


Your goods travel securely in our vehicles

Environmentally friendly

We always choose the fastest routes, in order to reduce fuel consumption

Large, bulky or fragile? We have specially designed vehicles with which we can transport everything from cranes to forestry products. We can help you with the full range, from individual transports to complex logistics solutions.

We work with you to develop fixed routes to suit the wishes and needs for pick-up and delivery times. Transport can be agreed over long distances or in the your immediate area.

We earmarks one or more people who work with you to:

  • Devise solutions
  • Recommend transport carriers
  • Participate in implementation with you and at PostNord
  • Manage and operate agreements
  • Perform quality monitoring
  • Monitor the financial conditions

Here are a few examples of the transport options we can provide:


The safe transport of environmentally hazardous materials is one of our specialties. We have long-standing experience of dealing with waste in all its forms and cooperate with the largest stakeholders in the industry. Allow us to design a cost-effective, total solution for waste and material flows for you, from which both you and the environment benefit.

Do you want to find out more about the options regarding sending project logistics and special transports?

Simply fill out the form and we will contact you to identify the solution that is most suitable for you and your business.

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