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Damage Discovered After Delivery

Are you wondering what you should do if you discover damage to your shipment after the driver has left? Here's the answer.

When you receive a shipment, you must check that you have the correct number of items, that the condition of the items meets expectations and confirm this by providing the driver with your signature. However, if you later discover damage or shortfall on unpacking the goods after the driver has left, you must report this to us.

Report the damage within four hours after delivery, calculated within normal working hours. If the goods were delivered at 1 pm or later, the deadline for reporting damage is 9 am the next working day.

Here's how you report the damage:

  1. Get in touch with customer services via our contact form or call 09300 to report the damage.
  2. Then contact the sender to arrange dispatch of replacement goods.

PostNord reserves the right to examine the goods where necessary.