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Supplier Invoicing

Electronic invoices must be used when invoicing for goods and services provided to PostNord AS.

You can find information on invoicing and the content requirements for invoices in our PostNord AS Implementation Guide (NO).

Our goal is to reduce costs both for us as a company and you as a supplier. This will also improve processing times and quality per invoice while making a significant joint contribution towards protecting the environment.

Requirements for content

All invoices must contain information in accordance with the Bookkeeping Act.

PostNord AS has adapted these requirements and you can find information on our requirements for invoices in our Implementation Guide (NO).

All invoices must contain an invoice reference and the orderer's name or department.

Invoice address

Electronic invoice

E2B: NO984054564MVA
EHF: 9908:984054564

Invoice address

PostNord AS
PO Box 204
6301 Åndalsnes

For more information on invoices, call us on +47 71 22 66 38.

What is an electronic invoice?

An electronic invoice is an invoice that is transferred electronically from the invoice issuer to the invoice recipient and which can be imported into the invoice recipient's financial system and processed by computer.

PDF or email attachments are not considered to be electronic invoices since these types of invoices cannot be imported into the financial system of the recipient.

How do I start using e-invoices?

There is no need for a formal agreement between issuer and recipient but the success of this technical exchange depends on the invoice recipient having a system that is able to process messages.

The issuer has to validate messages against specifications.

The supplier must have a system in place to be able to send electronic invoices and must be connected to a message centre or access point that facilitates the exchange of electronic invoices.