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MyPack GO

MyPack GO is the perfect service if you want to send parcels weighing up to 20 kg to recipients in Norway.
Purchase parcels online

Send parcels within Norway with MyPack GO

If you have sold an item online or want to send a gift to someone in Norway, you can use the MyPack GO service.

Benefits with MyPack GO


You pay online and hand in the parcel to the nearest delivery point in the store


Can be tracked the whole way


The recipient can collect it from any of the 1,500 distribution points in Norway

It is easy to send parcels with MyPack GO, as you can both pay and print labels via our online solution. You then attach the label to the parcel before handing it in at the nearest delivery point in the store. The parcel is then delivered to the store closest to the recipient within 1-5 days.

Packing details

The goods should be packed in firm packaging, e.g. a cardboard box, to prevent the contents being damaged during transport. Make sure that the packaging is properly sealed and that the article is positioned securely in place and cannot be damaged.

Bicycles, prams and skis, which are more prone to damage, must be packed according to other product terms.


Max. length 120 cm
Max. length + perimeter 240 cm
Max. weight 20 kg


0-5 kg NOK 69
5,1-10 kg NOK 119
10,1-20 kg NOK 199

Make sure that the weight of the parcel is within the range for the parcel format you have selected (0-10 kg or 11-20 kg). If the parcel weighs too much, delivery may be stopped and thus delayed. You may also have to pay an additional fee.

Hazardous goods

You may not send parcels containing hazardous substances or objects, toxic gases or substances, or radioactive material.


If the consignment is damaged or lost, we will pay compensation for the value of the parcel, up to a maximum of NOK 10,000.

Send MyPack GO

Purchase carriage online and send packages to anyone in Norway.

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