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Collect In-store

Collect In-store allows your customers to pick up items from your store without you having to make big investments.
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Allow your e-commerce customers to collect their purchases directly from your store

Consumers who buy goods online increasingly want to pick up their purchases directly from the store. With the Collect In-store service, you can give your customers this option without having to make any major investments. You get access to a complete solution that handles “Pick-ups in store” and can get started without the need to create your own system.

Benefits with Collect In-store

  • It requires no investment on your part – your stores can be selected in the online shop.

  • You can get started quickly – just register the relevant stores at PostNord after downloading the PostNord Retail Agent app.

  • Enhances possibilities regarding additional sales – seamless purchasing for your customers between the online shop and the physical store.

  • Improves opportunities for working with others – if you have an online store with sporting goods, you can, for example, collaborate with a fitness chain that enables collection of your products.


The service is based on the PostNord Retail Agent app, which is available for download from Google Play and App Store. With a phone or tablet, you can easily scan a parcel when it is at the store. This then generates a message to the customer stating that he can collect the item from the store. The recipient’s ID is checked when the parcel is collected, and there is also support for handling returns.

How it works:

  1. Inform PostNord which stores you have and when they are open.
  2. Add your stores as delivery options in the online store.
  3. Download the PostNord Retail Agent app.
  4. When customers choose to pick up the parcel from the store, the address label states your store as the delivery location.
  5. You can either hand over the parcels to PostNord together with other MyPack shipments or send them together with other store deliveries.
  6. When a parcel arrives at the store, the staff scan it and an SMS is sent to the customer.
  7. If the customer does not pick up the parcel, a reminder is sent after three days, and after ten days another reminder is sent. After 14 days the parcel is sent back.

As usual, the customer is able to track the parcel and provide feedback about the delivery experience when the parcel has been collected, just like when a delivery is made via a collection point.

Easy for you, simple for your customer!

Contact Collect In-store

Please contact Collect In-store to learn more about agreements, prices and how to integrate Collect In-store.

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