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Economy Class Letters

Do you need to send a lot of similar letters for which fast delivery is not necessary? With the Economy Class Letters service, letters reach recipients within three days.
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An economically-priced letter service for companies that need to send similar letters to a lot of recipients

The Economy class letters service enables the distribution of similar letters to lots of people, preferably more than 2,000 at a time, with every letter having the same sender, format and weight. The recipients of such letters are usually non-business recipients, and typical content includes invoices, debt collection letters, reminders, sensitive information or financial information.

Benefits with Economy Class Letters

Economically priced

A slightly longer delivery time results in a lower price


Deliver the letters at one of our terminals, or let us pick them up from you.

How do I send Economy Class Letters?

  1. Check that the consignments comply with our guidelines regarding format, labeling and content.
  2. We collect consignments from you or you can hand them in at one of our terminals.
  3. We then deliver the consignments to your recipients, within three days throughout Norway.
  4. Your recipients get the mail in their mailboxes. Distribution Monday-Saturday.


Format and dimensions

Size C5 envelope
Thickness 0.15-6.5 mm
Weight 2-50 grams

Prohibited content

The letter may not contain items of value, dangerous goods or other prohibited content, such as:

  • Explosives, flammable substances or other dangerous goods.
  • Goods that require cooling or heating.
  • Valuable content such as gold, silver, coins and banknotes.
  • Infectious content and biological substances.
  • Drugs and other illegal substances.

Enveloping and appearance

The consignment/letter must be packed in a suitable envelope that protects the contents and can withstand mail distribution procedures. The address section must be designed in compliance with the requirements stated in our technical manual. The envelope and appearance must be approved by PostNord.


Economy class letters are based on electronically transmitted EDI information for each letter. You must therefore create and submit EDI that is compliant with the specifications in our technical manual.


As the sender, you are responsible for ensuring that the recipient's name and address are correctly and clearly stated in the letter's address section. For each letter, the recipient's name and address must be transferred in the agreed format in EDI. The recipient's full address should also be linked to an SSCC barcode in the address section. See the technical manual for specifications.


Each letter must be marked in accordance with the agreement. State the identity of the sender clearly, using a name or logo. In addition, the letter must also clearly have the return address marked on it.


The letters are placed with the address sections in the same direction in our blue mail containers, or other suitable agreed holders. The mail containers are placed on pallets. Other requirements for pre-sorting are specified in the agreement.

Collection/handing in

We collect from you and charge for the collection in accordance with the agreement. Alternatively, you can hand in the letters yourself at our terminal. The address is Haraldrudveien 11, 0581 Oslo.


We deliver letters to the recipients' mailboxes. We have a delivery time of 2-5 business days from handing in at the terminal.

Recipients are always responsible for marking their mailboxes with their full names. If this information is not available at the point of delivery, we reserve the right to return the letter.

Returns and undeliverable letters

If it is not possible to deliver a letter due to an inadequate address in the EDI or on the physical letter itself, or because the recipient cannot be found at the point of delivery (mailbox has to be marked sufficiently clearly), the letter will be returned.

Return letters can be shredded or returned to the sender (you), or to the return address stated on the letter. A return agreement is agreed separately between you and PostNord AS.

Holding and forwarding

We cannot hold or forward mail. Posten Norge provides holding and forwarding of mail as guaranteed postal services, and is currently the only provider that has this information available.

Load bearers

Our blue mail containers are the property of PostNord, and an agreement shall be made to establish a process and accounting regarding their use.

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