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Freight calculation

The freight calculation for a shipment is done using the freight calculation weight and the freight zone that applies between the location zones in mainland Norway for the sender's and consignee’s goods address/location number plus any supplement.

​The freight calculation weight of a package is its actual weight (rounded up to the nearest whole kilo), but no less than 1 kg per 3.5 dm3 (PostNord Parcel and Groupage) or 1kg per 3.0 dm3 (part load). The volume/cubic measurement is calculated from the package’s greatest length, width and height.

PostNord Groupage example:

Real weight: 86 kg.
Dimensions: h. 44 cm, w. 75 cm, l. 110 cm

0.44 m × 0.75 m × 1.10 m = 363 dm3
363 dm3/3.5 = 104, i.e. 104 kg freight calculation weight.​

Load metres

If the goods are of such a nature (e.g. machines, apparatus) that nothing can be loaded beside it or on top of it or it might damage other goods, freight calculation is done per load metre.

1 load metre is 2,000 kg for Groupage and PostNord Partloads.
Load metres are stated in metres with one decimal place.

Freight calculation weights over 1,000 kg are rounded up to the nearest 100 kg (per shipment).


For freight calculation of goods that are transported on strapped or shrink wrapped pallets/disposable pallets/EUR pallets, the shipment’s dimensions and weight including the pallet’s dimensions and weight are used.

Minimum calculation weight per pallet (only applies to Groupage): 200 kg.

1 EUR pallet = 0.4 load metres = 800 kg

PostNord Parcel, Groupage and Partloads

The freight calculation weight for PostNord Parcel and Groupage is calculated for each individual item and then added together. PostNord Partloads: the weight is always rounded up to the nearest whole 100 kg.

The maximum freight in one weight group is always the minimum freight in the next weight group.

PostNord Special Freight

There is a supplement of 25% for shipments that come into this category.

​Multi-item supplement

The following supplement is calculated on Groupage shipments
with a high number of items/packages:
7-12 items: 3%
13 items and above: 6%

Value Added Tax

All our prices and charges are quoted excluding VAT.

With cash payment, VAT is shown on the transport document/delivery summary.

With credit payment, VAT is shown on the invoice.

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