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Prices and terms

Fixed Surcharges

Here you will find an overview of our current fixed surcharges. These consist of fuel surcharges, currency surcharges and road toll surcharges, as well as infrastructure surcharges.

Fuel Surcharge

Based on fluctuation in fuel prices, a variable fuel surcharge is added. This will vary depending on movements in fuel and energy prices.

This surcharge is added to the following services:

Current Fuel Surcharge

May, 2024 26.0%

Road Toll Surcharge

This is a road and rail surcharge for public taxes including road toll fees is charged to phase in the authorities' introduction of new road and rail charges.

Current Road Toll Surcharge

May, 2024 8.7%

Currency Surcharge

The currency surcharge applies to import and export for thermo transport.

Current Currency Surcharge

May, 2024 33.4%

Source: Monthly average of daily currency rates (from 1960) Norges Bank 

Currency Surcharge Cross-border Traffic

Currency surcharges are calculated on the shipping cost of all cross-border products that are invoiced in Norwegian Kroner.

Currency Surcharge Export Sweden

May, 2024 6.1%


Currency Surcharge Export rest of the world

May, 2024 19.9%

Infrastructure Surcharge 

From 1st December 2011 PostNord ​ AS introduced an infrastructure surcharge on all tariffs where there are no specific agreements related to use of car and railway. This is to compensate for the additional costs related to challenges in the railway infrastructure. The challenges in railway infrastructure require more transport on road – to a higher cost.