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Collection Request

Collection Request processes all parcel returns within one week. Shipments are easy to book online.
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For importing parcels and receiving returns from other European countries

Collection Request is an additional service for DPD parcels. It is used when you or a third party needs to receive returns.

Benefits with Collection Request


We collect parcels from anywhere in Europe and deliver them to you within one week


You only need one service for importing parcels and for returns, and there is no need to contact transportation companies in other countries


You can track your package throughout its journey on the Track and Trace service

How to send a Collection Request

  • 1. Book transport

    Book a shipment online. Let us know that you are making a Collection Request.

  • 2. Pack the goods

    You only need to pack the goods and attach the clearance documents to the outside of the package.

  • 3. We collect

    We will collect the parcel from the sender, and our driver will bring the waybill. If you place an order before 3 p.m., the parcel will be collected from the sender on the following working day

  • 4. We deliver

    We will deliver the parcel within 3-7 working days.

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Dimensions and weight

Max. weight 31.5 kg
Max. length 1.75 m
Max. length + circumference 300 cm
The length + circumference measurements is calculated as follows Longest side of the parcel + (2 x height in cm) + (2 x width in cm)

Would you like to know more about Collection Request?

If you fill in the contact form, we will contact you for more information.

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