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PostNord Groupage

We compile your parcels and pallets to form one delivery, which we pick up from you and transport to the recipient's door. The delivery is completely trackable the whole way.
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Delivery from door to door throughout the Nordic region – every day

Do you want to gather all your parcels and pallets together in one delivery, which we collect from you and ship to the recipient anywhere in the Nordic region? Then our easy-to-use door-to-door PostNord Groupage service is what you need.

Benefits with PostNord Groupage


We collect your parcels and pallets from you once a day


We deliver throughout the Nordic region


We deliver every day, regardless of where in the Nordic region your parcels and pallets are to be delivered


Each shipment can be tracked all the way to the final destination

We collect your parcels and pallets from you, gather them all together into one delivery and transport this to the recipient's door. We make collections every day and deliver throughout the Nordic region. Each shipment can be tracked, so that you know at all times where it is and when it will be delivered.

PostNord Groupage is suitable if you

  • want to gather all your parcels and pallets into a single delivery
  • want us to collect the goods from you
  • want to be able to follow the goods' journey and know when they arrive at the destination.

Advance notifications and collections

You have to submit an advance notification before you use the PostNord Groupage service This can be done in various ways:

  1. Via another transport administration system (TA system) that is approved by PostNord*.
  2. Via your own file format that has been approved by PostNord.

*Examples of approved suppliers of TA systems:

  • Cargonizer
  • Consignor
  • AxiaFrakt
  • Unifaun Online
  • EdiPost

Collection of goods is included in the service. If the item weighs over 35 kg, it must be loaded onto a EUR pallet or equivalent carrier that can be handled using a forklift truck. We can also agree on fixed daily collection times.

Delivery time

PostNord Groupage consignments are delivered to recipients Monday-Friday (except on public holidays). View specific delivery times. The service includes one delivery attempt to the recipient. The service does not have a delivery time guarantee.

Dimensions and weights

Max. length for items with weight 0-35 kg 6 m
Max. length for item with weight 35-1,000 kg 2.99 m
Max. width 2.4 m
Max. height 2.0 m
Max. weight per shipment 2,499 kg
Max. weight per item 1,000 kg
Max. volume per shipment 7.14 m3
Max. volume per item 2.86 m3

Dangerous goods

PostNord Groupage shipments are permitted to contain a limited amount of dangerous goods, with certain exceptions. More information about what you are and are not allowed to send.

PostNord Dangerous Goods

If you need to send goods that are classified as dangerous, you can use the additional service PostNord Dangerous Goods. The transport time may be slightly longer than what is normally stated in the schedule for the transport of goods classified as dangerous. For dangerous goods, the cost is calculated as follows:

  • Class 1.1, 1.2, 1.5: 100% plus shipping
  • Other classes: 25% surcharge
  • Minimum SEK 527 surcharge to the shipping cost

PostNord Groupage Single

Do you only need to send a consignment weighing more than 35 kilograms? Then it is worth entering into an agreement with us that makes it possible to send PostNord Groupage Single, which has cost-efficient prices.

Additional services

Delivery without signed confirmation The shipment can be delivered without the recipient having to personally accept and confirm receipt. Applies within the Nordic region.
Driver notification The driver calls the recipient prior to the delivery attempt. Applies within the Nordic region.
Non-business recipient Used when the recipient is an individual and has an address in Norway, Sweden or Denmark. PostNord notifies the recipient once, in order to agree on a delivery date and time window. A notification is provided 1-3 business days after the consignment is handed in. Applies to address in Norway, Sweden or Denmark.

Do you want to obtain more information about PostNord Groupage?

If you fill in the contact form, we will contact you to determine a solution that meets your company’s specific needs.

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Price adjustment – 1 December 2022

Price adjustment from 1. september

PostNord is implementing a new price adjustment valid from September 1, 2022. There are several factors that necessitate this adjustment. The most important of these are increasing fuel prices, significant salary increases among both drivers and terminal workers, a general increase in costs for products and services and a double interest rate increase by The Central Bank of Norway (Norges Bank) that will reduce investment opportunities among vehicle owners.

Price adjustment 1. July 2023