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PostNord Return Drop Off

We have a simple and secure way for customers to return items to you. Do you want to know more?
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Simple and secure returns for you and your customer

Do you need to offer your customers a simple and secure way to return items to you? The PostNord Return Drop Off service makes it simple for customers to return parcels to you, and gives both you and the customer complete control of the service.

Benefits with PostNord Return Drop Off


All you need to do is to send the customer a return shipping form and instructions.


Simple and secure for your customers.


You and the customer maintain full control of the returns process, and can track the consignment every step of the way.

It is simple to use the PostNord Return Drop Off service. You provide the customer with a returns form and instructions for what he/she needs to do to return the item(s). The customer drops off the consignment at the nearest parcel drop-off location, and the goods are returned to you shortly afterwards.

Maximum dimensions and weight

Each parcel can weigh a maximum of 35 kg  
Nordic region Max. length = 240 cm, length + circumference = max. 360 cm
Europe Max. length = 100 cm, length + circumference = max. 250 cm

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