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PostNord Thermo

In our specially designed vehicles, you can be sure that goods that require a certain temperature are transported safely.
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When temperature is a critical factor

Benefits with PostNord Thermo


We have long-standing experience with shipping goods that require a certain temperature


Our vehicles and containers are equipped with GPS tracking


We have food terminals across the country

Environmentally friendly

We always choose the fastest routes, in order to reduce fuel consumption

PostNord Termo provides professional logistics services for companies that place high demands on the transportation of goods to and from manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and consumers. This includes long-distance transportation, distribution, storage, pick and pack, home deliveries and store picking. We handle everything from individual shipments to complex logistics solutions.

With a high level of skill and long-standing experience, we take care of goods that require specific handling, whether this involves ensuring the right temperature or other requirements. Our vehicles and terminals have excellent refrigeration and freezing capacity.

We make deliveries across the whole world between companies, every day. Always with a focus on the best interests of both you and the environment. We work closely together with our customers and constantly develop new logistics solutions that enhance your competitiveness.

With PostNord Termo as a partner, your need to invest in storage premises, systems and inventories is reduced. You can take advantage of similar PostNord logistics flows, thus providing you with coordination benefits, more flexibility and increased cost-effectiveness. This allows you and your employees to focus more on your core business activities.

Type of goods

All types of goods requiring heat, refrigeration or freezing.

Delivery time

Subject to agreement.

Weight and measurements

Over 2.5 tons or full units.  
Volume 1m3 = 333kg (1: 3.0)
1 loading meter 2,000 kg

Additional services

Customs clearance
Export and import

Do you want to send tempered goods with our Termo service?

Fill in the form and we will contact you to determine a solution that meets your needs.

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