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Integration of Package Collection Points

There are several different ways in which you can integrate the pick-up point selection facility for our MyPack Collect product. We therefore recommend investigating the options before deciding on a solution.

Web service integration

Integration via a web service requires proficiency in system development.

Select pick-up point

The service translates a location into a number of pick-up points, sorted according to distance, with the shortest distance appearing first.

The service can for example be used to allow e-commerce customers to choose the pick-up point from which they would like to collect their package.

The service can be used for shipments to and from Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark.

Locate pick-up point according to postcode

The service translates a postcode into the name and address of the pick-up point with responsibility for the postcode in question.

For example, the service may be used by your customer service representatives to allow them to answer queries regarding the location of a customer's permanent pick-up point.

Technical documentation for the MyPack web service Pick-up points

Conditions of use – Web services

Private delivery – Web terminal

To integrate with the Web terminal solution, (whether web-based or REST) you must have a user profile on My page/Private delivery. Contact for access.

Integration with private delivery Web terminal – Web-based or REST (requires login)


This is link integration only, whereby you have a link from your online store to the Web terminal web interface, where the customer selects their pick-up point. When the customer has made their selection, he/she is redirected to your online store and provided with information on the chosen pick-up point.

The service is limited to pick-up points in Norway.

In addition, you can change the appearance of the Web terminal by uploading your logo, changing the background colour and menu colours, or linking to a CSS to override the whole design.

REST-based or XML-based

Choose this if you want to manage the appearance of pick-up point selection and integrate it more closely with your online store's ordering process.

The service is limited to pick-up points in Norway.

The REST integration can be called either by using all the parameters defined in the header of the XML message in the query string, or in the header of the XML message itself.

To post an XML message, the message must be inserted as a parameter named XML and posted to the stated URL.

With REST integration, you can get a complete list of the coverage of pick-up points or make ongoing address enquiries.

If you choose to download the entire file, we recommend updating daily; updating weekly is a minimum requirement.