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We help you with tips and information on how to prepare to ship your shipment and to apply our solutions.

Send something

Packaging tips

It is important to package consignments properly. PostNord's tips and advice about how to package the items you want to send in the best and safest way possible are available here.

EDI and barcode labeling

Guidelines for barcodes and EDI-transmitted shipment information.

Pallet Exchange

See our guidelines for exchange of EUR pallets.

Unaccepted goods

Here you find a list of goods that are not received for transport by PostNord.

Set up a technical solution

PostNord Developer

We provide a range of API's to facilitate integration with your back end system. Integrate PostNord web services directly into your website, customs applications or e-commerce platform. Our API's are easy to use and customizable to meet your shipping needs.

PostNord Developer Norway

PostNord offers a number of integrations and APIs that make everyday life easier for you and your customers. See what opportunities exist in the Norwegian developer portal.