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Want to become a PostNord supplier?

To become a PostNord supplier you must be able to meet our criteria and offer the best terms when it comes to total cost, quality and delivery reliability.

PostNord fulfils a central purchasing function for the entire company. Our goal – via simple, efficient and consistent purchasing processes – is to bolster our profitability.

Every year, PostNord channels large sums into the purchase of goods and services. Our policy is to treat our suppliers with respect and honesty. We will uphold high moral and ethical values in our purchasing processes too.

Our suppliers must have confidence in PostNord as a customer. Our conduct will be objective and businesslike. We will keep ourselves well-informed about our purchases and supplier relationships through statistics and follow-up.

Invoice details

Here you can find invoicing information and requirements.

Want to become a supplier?

Register here to become a PostNord supplier.