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Unaddressed Direct Mail Unaddressed Direct Mail
Advertisement service for businesses

Unaddressed Direct Mail

With Unaddressed Direct Mail, you can reach numerous potential customers within a demarcated geographic area at a low cost.

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Benefits with Unaddressed Direct Mail

  • You reach households and potential customers at a low cost.
  • Find potential customers in a certain geographic area.
  • Attract traffic to your store or website and create good business opportunities.
  • Issue civic information of interest to all households.
When you want to spread your message to a lot of people

Do you want to acquire new customers at a low cost by attracting traffic to your physical store and online shop? Then Unaddressed Direct Mail is what you need.

With Unaddressed Direct Mail, you reach numerous new customers within a demarcated geographic area at a low cost. Unaddressed Direct Mail is distributed to households and companies in specially selected areas on two weekdays each week. As the advertising is not sent to a personal address, it is a suitable option if you do not have your own customer database, or if you want to reach a whole new target group without having to buy addresses.

How do I send Unaddressed Direct Mail?

  1. Make sure the deliveries comply with our format, labeling, and content guidelines.
  2. You can either leave your mailing at one of our terminals or we can pick it up for you. You can also send us the files you want to send and we will print them out for you.
  3. We send the mailing to your recipients, who get the advertising in their mailbox.

Format, weight and size

All the items need to be the same, and thus have the same weight and format. The paper quality needs to be at least 60 grams/m² or thicker.

Minimum size14.8 x 12.5 cm
Maximum size35.3 x 25 cm
ThicknessUp to 0.5 cm
Weight0-200 grams (applies to own prices and manual processing)

If the size is larger than 34 x 26 cm, the items need to be folded to achieve the permitted maximum size. If the items need to be folded, this must be done on their longest side. A higher price is charged for items that are packed in plastic or are different from the above in any other way, due to the manual processing required.


Drop-off can be made pursuant to agreement.


We deliver the unaddressed advertising to the recipients' mailboxes. We have a lead time of 2-5 working days from drop-off at the terminal.

We would be happy to help you with

  • taking your campaign from idea through to final print
  • selecting target audiences
  • measuring the impact
  • improvement proposals.

Would you like to book or find out more about Unaddressed Direct Mail?

We would be happy to provide you with more information about unaddressed mail. Simply enter your details in the form below and we will contact you.
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