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Rapidly Expanding Fashion Warehouse


“Rapid deliveries are becoming increasingly important,” says Johan Gustafsson, the logistics manager at Stayhard, who has chosen PostNord as a logistics partner.

With clothes from over 150 brands, Stayhard wants to inspire its customers to dare to choose clothes according to their own personal style. Stayhard was started in 2005 by two young entrepreneurs who saw an opportunity to start selling the kind of men's clothing that had yet to reach the Swedish market. Almost ten years later, this rapid pace remains important to the company.

"At best, it takes three days from when an item arrives at the loading bay until it appears online. We want to be continually adding new items online. Our competitors also have lots of new items and sell the same items in their brick-and-mortar stores, so we really want to get there first," says Johan Gustafsson.


Our logistics solution for Stayhard

In 2013, the Swedish business newspaper, Dagens Industri, singled out Stayhard as a "gazelle company" for the third year running, a distinction that is awarded to the fastest-growing companies in Sweden. This fast pace is also reflected in Stayhard's logistics.

"Rapid deliveries are becoming increasingly important," says Johan Gustafsson, the logistics manager at Stayhard, who has chosen PostNord as a logistics partner.

Once or twice a week all newly arrived items are measured and photographed. The information is added to the business system and the photographs published online. Stayhard has a photo coordinator to ensure that the right image gets linked to the right product.

The focus on speed and top-notch service permeates the entire company; from ordering to delivery to the customer.

"We have one-day delivery. This has always been important and it's going to become even more important for us in the future. Before, when we used to collaborate with multiple logistics partners, we couldn't keep up the pace the way we wanted to. We're happy with the comprehensive solution we have with PostNord now," says Johan Gustafsson.

Stayhard offers its customers free returns and exchanges.

"We send items by MyPack Collect from our warehouse in Herrljunga to customers all across the Nordic region. We also use the PostNord Return Drop-off returns solution, which enables us to receive returns quickly. In addition, we use Business Parcels and PostNord Pallet for stores purchasing our brand. This also gives us the high level of reliability and precision we're looking for."


There are over 3000 items in Stayhard's central warehouse in Herrljunga.

Goods are distributed to customers all over the Nordic region using PostNord's MyPack Collect service.

Stayhard uses PostNord's Return Drop-off to receive speedy returns from customers.

Stayhard also uses PostNord ADM to send direct advertising, as well as PostNord Pallet and Business Parcels for stores selling goods from Stayhard.

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