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Make your marketing more effective – smart solutions for CRM and Marketing Managers

We have a variety of marketing solutions that can help you in your work. The market is changing rapidly and all companies are different. We therefore adapt to you and your company’s needs.

The assistance we can provide to Marketing Managers

Advertising and analysis

A thorough analysis of the market is extremely important in order to ensure you are successful in your specific area. Our advertising and analysis services help you reach the right recipient in the right channel at the right time.

Business Communication

There is no single communication channel that is right for all messages to all people in all situations. We help you analyze your company's customer data and ensure that you communicate with each individual customer in the best possible way.

Get to know your market

Our direct marketing services make it easy for you to keep an eye on the situation and stay up to date with the needs of your target groups and how best to reach them. We can help you with everything from target group analyses to campaign follow-ups.

What is the best way to communicate with your target groups?

There is no single communication channel that is right for all messages and all people in all situations. Communicating in multiple channels with partially differentiated content is a sure way to boost loyalty, build a brand and encourage people to make purchases. PostNord helps you reach your customers with information and advertising, and we are more than happy to help you find your particular target groups. PostNord offers various services, via which you can analyze your target groups and then choose which service is best for your particular mailing.

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