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Communication services

Advertising, letters, analysis or targeted communication to selected target audiences. We have the solutions for all your needs.
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Addressed Direct Mail

Create engaging offers, provide inspiration through catalogues, send discount codes or samples. When you send ADM, your message has maximum impact.

Learn more about ADM$Learn more about ADM


Shipments sent using Consignment get a local appearance, which is an advantage when you want to reach a lot of customers abroad.

More about Consignment$More about Consignment

Economy Class Letters

Do you need to send a lot of similar letters for which fast delivery is not necessary? With the Economy Class Letters service, letters reach recipients within three days.

More about Economy Class Letters$More about Economy Class Letters

International Mail

Send letters and other light consignments weighing up to 2 kg to recipients worldwide.

More about International Mail$More about International Mail

Prices and Terms

Price lists and terms for all the services can be found here. There is also information about supplements for fuel and sulfur.


We help you with tips and information on how to prepare to ship your shipment and to apply our solutions.

Tips and advice 

Delivery plays an increasingly important role in the buying experience of customers. The way in which you deliver is just as important as what you deliver. Here you will find insights and guidance to ensure good customer experiences and increased revenues.

See our tips and advice