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Customs clearance

Here you find information about customs clearance of goods out of Norway.

The trading invoice must contain the following:

  • invoice number
  • buyer’s/seller's VAT number/EORI number
  • seller's name and address
  • buyer's name and address
  • consignee
  • customs tariff number or exact description of the contents of the shipment
  • country of origin
  • number of items and weight
  • place and date of shipment
  • payment terms

We accept the following payment terms:

  • DAP - Sender covers customs costs to the border, pays freight to consignee and bears all risks until consignee signs.
  • DAP Cleared - Sender covers all costs connected with customs clearance but not VAT and duties. Freight and risk as for DDU/DAP.
  • DDP - Sender covers all costs up to delivery of goods including customs and VAT. Freight and risk as for DDU/DAP. Not often used in Norway.