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Prices and Terms

When you buy the services from us it may be important for you to know the terms and prices that apply. Here you will find all our terms of service, price lists and product specifications, so you can quickly find the information you are looking for.

Terms and Product Specifications

In the User Guide you will find an overview of our total logistics offer, as well as specifications and transport terms.

Fixed Surcharges

Here you will find an overview of our current fixed surcharges. These consist of energy surcharges, currency surcharges and road toll surcharges, as well as infrastructure surcharges.

Your invoice

On the Customer Portal you can view and retrieve copies of your invoices. There you can also download copies of your invoices in Excel format.

Questions regarding your invoice?

Here we list the most frequest questions we receive about invoices:

Contact our invoicing department

Digital inquiry on the Customer Portal (requires login)
Phone: 987 09 300

Remember to state your invoice number and any shipment number connected to your enquiry. Complaints regarding invoices must be submitted at the latest ten days after the invoice date.