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PostNord Parcel

We deliver your parcels to recipients in the Nordic region within one business day. Do you want to know more?
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Delivery of parcels from companies to companies across the Nordic region – every business day

Do you want to easily send shipments to a company domestically, or in the Nordic region or Europe? Then our PostNord Parcel service is what you need. PostNord Parcel makes it both easy and safe to send parcels from door to door.

Benefits with PostNord Parcel


We pick up parcels from you and deliver directly to the recipient.


We deliver within Norway, the Nordic region and the rest of Europe.


Shipments can be tracked and followed all the way to delivery.

We distribute to recipient companies throughout the Nordic region every business day, and parcels are delivered by the end of the business day, no later than 6 pm.

Each shipment can be tracked, thus allowing you to follow the parcel all the way.

How to order PostNord Parcel

You order the service and print shipping documents via your transport administration system. It is free of charge for service agreement customers.

Dimensions and weight for PostNord Parcel

Max. weight domestically and within the Nordic countries 35 kg
Max. weight outside the Nordic countries 31.5 kg
Minimum weight 150 g/item
Max. size Length 1.75 m, length + circumference 3 m
Min. size Length 15 cm, width 15 cm, height 1.5 cm


Parcels are delivered every business day, in accordance with the following:


You can easily choose which notification(s) you want by ticking the desired option in your TA system.

  • Advance notification: The recipient is notified by sms or email about the day on which the parcel will be delivered.
  • Shipping notification: The recipient is notified by sms or email that the parcel is on its way.
  • Delivery notification: The recipient is notified by sms or email that the parcel has been delivered. The message is sent when we have registered that the parcel has been delivered to the recipient.

Additional services

  • Recipient pays: If the recipient is to pay the shipping cost. Requires that both the recipient and the sender are service agreement customers.
  • Delivery without signed confirmation: The parcel is delivered without the recipient personally having to receive and confirm receipt of the shipment.
  • New delivery attempt: The sender or recipient can retrospectively request a new delivery attempt to the recipient's delivery address.
  • Return order: If the customer wishes to return a parcel and you are to pay the freight, we pick up the consignment.
  • Change of shipping details: You can change the recipient or the recipient's address, order return to sender, or change the retention time before a delivery attempt is made.
  • Goods insurance: Caims can be made if the content is damaged or if all or part of the content is lost. The compensation payable is based on the value of the item.


Do you want to know more about PostNord Parcel?

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