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How to create a supply chain that meets all the customer’s needs – from purchase to collection.

Creating a seamless purchase process that meets the customer's every need – from purchase to delivery – is important for today's e-commerce retailers. We have drawn up six recommendations for improving your customers' shopping experience.

1. Simplify and clarify the delivery options

Many purchases are currently not completed if the desired delivery option is not available. You can make things easier for your customers by clarifying where, how and when the delivery will take place. For repeat customers, it is good to pre-select their most recently used delivery option. This demonstrates that you have knowledge of your customers, builds loyalty and can increase the conversion rate.

2. Offer options: precise, fast or affordable deliveries

The delivery experience must match the buying experience. For consumers, this always involves finding a balance between speed, precision and cost. The purchase is usually not so urgent that it is worth paying for express delivery. Instead, many people want to decide a delivery time or a delivery location themselves, and receive their delivery in a way that fits with their daily routines.

3. Offer the possibility to choose the delivery location

Customers want their deliveries to fit into their daily routines. You can generate greater customer satisfaction by offering several different delivery options, so that customers can choose the option that suits them best.

4. Be flexible and communicate with your customers

By offering your customers the opportunity to choose the delivery method, track the product and understand what is needed to receive the delivery, you become more flexible. With a good understanding of your customers' preferences, you can more easily contact customers in the right way – via email, text message or perhaps a notification in their digital mailbox? It is good if you make it easy for customers to choose an option that suits them.

5. Make it easy to modify the delivery

Giving your customers the opportunity to influence the delivery after the store check-out is a key part of a well-functioning logistics system and helps you improve your customer relations. You can do this by having someone else do the packaging, or by making it possible to change the collection location from somewhere near the customer's home to somewhere near their workplace.

6. Create smart solutions for returns

Being able to handle returns smoothly as a company helps create a good shopping experience. Customers do not have much patience when items have to be returned. You can make things easier for the customer by offering good access to places for delivering returns and clear instructions on how the return should be handled. If you can provide an answer regarding when a return will be refunded, your customers' sense of security increases, as does the willingness to buy.

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