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Flexible delivery for your customers

Consumers want freedom of choice. Making choices should be easy and there should be multiple options. We help you make it easier for your customers by providing solutions that give more options when purchasing and arranging deliveries.

Allow your customers to choose the place of delivery

As an e-retailer, you can use our Delivery Checkout service to provide your customers with simple and clear delivery options as well as the opportunity to choose a delivery location.

The option to collect from the store

If you have e-commerce operations and physical stores, the Collect In-store service is suitable for you. Let your customers choose if they want to collect their e-commerce purchases at your store instead of from a partner outlet. With our retail app, you can become your own outlet for your customers. This generates more traffic to your physical stores and gives your customers more freedom, as they can choose from more places than just the default collection location.

Your customers can use our app

Our PostNord app is clear and easy-to-understand, and can be used to track shipments. The app also acts as a remote control for parcel deliveries: customers can specify where the item will be delivered, and also manage additional services and returns.

More delivery options with FlexChange

Demand for flexible home deliveries is increasing in the Nordic countries. With FlexChange, your recipients can choose their preferred time and place of delivery and do not even have to be at home when parcels are delivered. In PostNord's app or on its website, recipients can book home deliveries, select the delivery time and day, and amend the time of a home delivery that has already been booked. If the recipient is not home, it is also possible to have the delivery notification sent to someone else, such as a relative or neighbor.

Clear delivery options – use our standard texts in your checkout

93 percent of consumers want information about how, when and where their delivery will take place. Be clear about the available delivery options by downloading our standard texts (NO only) which you can easily use in your checkout process, so that your customers always have the right information about their deliveries.

Home deliveries – notification and delivery

How and when you receive notification of your mail items depends on which service the sender has chosen to use.


When the consignment is ready for delivery, you will receive notification. We will then agree on a time for the delivery. Whether you are offered a time during the day or evening depends on which service the sender chose for shipping the consignment, and where in the country you live. If you are not home and we have made a delivery attempt, you will receive a new notification of where you can collect your consignment.

Text message notification

If you receive a text notification, it will include available times for your delivery. Choose the time directly in the text message. The notification will also state whether you can collect the consignment from a delivery point.

Email or letter notification

If you receive an email or letter notification instead, then you contact us to agree on a delivery time or receive confirmation about where you will collect it. Contact information can be found on the notification.


When you receive your parcel at home, you must provide identification.

Not home for the delivery?

If someone else will accept your consignment, they must show both their own and your (the recipient's) identification. The notification says whether you can collect the consignment at a distribution point instead. If we are unable to deliver, you will receive notification of where you can collect the mail item. You can always follow your mail item using the Track letters, parcels and pallets service.

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