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Transport services

Here you will find everything about transport services - whether you are transporting something large or small, or sending something extra fast.
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Collect In-store

Collect In-store allows your customers to pick up items from your store without you having to make big investments.

More about Collect In-store$More about Collect In-store

Collection Request

Collection Request processes all parcel returns within one week. Shipments are easy to book online.

More about Collection Request$More about Collection Request


We pick the goods up from you in the afternoon, transport them during the night and deliver them to customers in the Nordic and Baltic countries the next morning.

More about InNight$More about InNight

MyPack Collect

You can use the MyPack Collect service to send parcels to delivery locations throughout the Nordic region. We pick them up from your address and transport them to a delivery location.

More about MyPack Collect$More about MyPack Collect

MyPack Home

With MyPack Home, you can send parcels weighing up to 35 kg, which are collected from you and delivered directly to the customer’s door.

More about MyPack Home$More about MyPack Home

MyPack Home Small

Send low value parcels weighing up to 2 kg, with delivery to the recipient’s mailbox or door mat.

More about MyPack Home Small$More about MyPack Home Small

PostNord Courier

If you need to quickly send goods short distances by courier. We collect from you and deliver straight to the recipient's door. The delivery is trackable the whole way.

More about PostNord Courier$More about PostNord Courier

PostNord Express

Fast delivery of goods between companies throughout Norway and to some other parts of the Nordic region.

More about PostNord Express$More about PostNord Express

PostNord Groupage

We compile your parcels and pallets to form one delivery, which we pick up from you and transport to the recipient's door. The delivery is completely trackable the whole way.

More about PostNord Groupage$More about PostNord Groupage

PostNord Pallet

We pick up pallets weighing up to 1,000 kilograms from you and deliver them to recipient companies and consumers across Europe.

More about PostNord Pallet$More about PostNord Pallet

PostNord Parcel

We deliver your parcels to recipients in the Nordic region within one business day.

More about PostNord Parcel$More about PostNord Parcel

PostNord Partloads

PostNord Part Loads is a door-to-door service for sending various types of goods weighing 2,500 kg or more.

More about Partloads$More about Partloads

PostNord Project

With our specially designed vehicles, we can transport everything, regardless of whether it is big, bulky or fragile.

More about PostNord Project$More about PostNord Project

PostNord Thermo

In our specially designed vehicles, you can be sure that goods that require a certain temperature are transported safely.

More about PostNord Thermo$More about PostNord Thermo

Prices and Terms

Price lists and terms for all the services can be found here. There is also information about supplements for fuel and sulfur.


We help you with tips and information on how to prepare to ship your shipment and to apply our solutions.

Tips and advice 

Delivery plays an increasingly important role in the buying experience of customers. The way in which you deliver is just as important as what you deliver. Here you will find insights and guidance to ensure good customer experiences and increased revenues.

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